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Storage Glasgow | Scotland Removals | Packaging Materials
Storage Glasgow | Scotland Removals | Packaging Materials

Secure household storage in Glasgow

We offer secure, indoor, cost-effective storage solutions for long term or short term storage for anything from a single item of furniture or just a few boxes to an entire house contents.

We meet new clients every day requiring storage for a wide variety of reasons, and we are able to assist in almost all cases. Many of our customers have found a buyer for their home before they have found somewhere to move and ask us to look after their furniture while they rent a property until they find their perfect home. Others are moving overseas for a few years and we safely store their furniture as a far more cost effective option than having to start again when they return home. Some people just want a little more space and store a few items getting in their way, which we can keep close by so they are on hand when they need them.

Whatever your reason for considering storing your furniture or belongings, we can work with you to find a budget friendly with as little hassle to you as possible.

Our knowledgeable storage advisors will be happy to talk about your requirements and can offer helpful advice on how to make storing your goods as easy as possible.

Removal and Storage

Our all-in-one removal and storage service is the easiest way to store your home contents for any length of time. It could be just overnight or a weekend due to a gap in moving into your new home, to several years if you are moving overseas, want to de-clutter, or are storing antique furniture as an investment.

We charge a flat-rate, weekly fee, which can include insurance cover, without tying you in to a contract, you have piece of mind your possessions will be safely stored for as long as you need, while you can access them of have them returned at any time.

We have a fleet of purpose built removal lorries which special bodies designed to carry mobile storage units. We load these at your home, just as if we are loading for a house removal, taking care to cover and protect furniture, and delicate items with quality covers and blankets. The units are sealed on site, and returned to our storage facility where they are forklifted into our secure warehouse for storage. Once the units are loaded, they remain locked until the goods are returned to you, or you require access to them.

The Myth of Self Storage

Self Storage is popular at the moment with several large corporations opening storage chains in Glasgow and other cities throughout the UK. These companies claim to offer, cheap, hassle free storage however the reality is there are many hidden costs, and getting your furniture and belongings to the storage facility, and then getting them, to your storage unit is a long, tiring and expensive process.

We offer a storage service which we believe is genuinely the most cost effective in Glasgow, and takes almost all the hassle and inconvenience by taking the 'self' out of storage, and leaving the hard work to people who have the equipment and experience for the job, instead of hiring vans, having friends and relatives take time off to lift and carry furniture and worry about damaging your possessions.

Self storage companies may have you believe this is expensive, or your goods may be liable to damage. This is a marketing ploy which is the opposite from the truth. We guarantee our storage rate to be cheaper, and we will beat any quote you receive, and our collection service is around the same cost a hiring a van, with the added bonus of having our removal team do do all the lifting and packing. Your goods are also far less likely to be damaged being handled by skilled removal crews, being carried in purpose built removal trucks with quality materials, and furniture blankets.

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